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Certificate of Use

Certificate of Use Application

All businesses operating in the City of Sunny Isles Beach must obtain a Certificate of Use from the City’s Code Compliance Department. A Certificate of Use is essentially a zoning permit, issued after an inspection, verifying that the business use is permitted in that zoning district. After obtaining a Certificate of Use, the City requires businesses to obtain a Local Business Tax Receipt. For more information, visit the Local Business Tax Receipt web page.

Certificate of Use for Each Use Classification

Per City Ordinance(s) 2000-102 and 2001-145, “No structure used for the purpose of exercising the privilege of doing business within the city limits shall be used or occupied or any existing use enlarged, or a new use be made of said structure, without first obtaining that required Certificate of Use for each use classification.

Example: A hotel with rooms for rent, a restaurant, and a bar, are required to apply for three Certificates of Use.

Other Government Agency Inspections/Approvals

Prior to the issuance of the Certificate of Use, certain businesses may be required to obtain inspections or approvals from governmental agencies, including the following:

The City requires a current Certificate of Use before issuing a Local Business Tax.

Contact Information

For more information regarding Certificates of Use and Local Business Tax Receipts, call the Code Compliance Department at 305.792.1875.