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Local Business Tax

Download Local Business Tax Application

The Local Business Tax is a privilege tax imposed by City Ordinance on every person, firm, partnership, or corporation engaged in business within the city. This tax is collected through the Code & Licensing Department.

To pay the required Local Business Tax, applicants must complete an application available from the Code Compliance & Licensing Department at City Hall. There is a $10.00 application fee.

Local Business Tax Receipt Required

Business owners cannot open and operate their business until after the tax has been paid and all required documentation has been submitted. Part of the documentation required is a valid Certificate of Use, which is also issued by the Code Compliance & Licensing Department.

The city requires a business to pay this tax for each business classification.

Displaying Receipts

Once paid, the Local Business Tax Receipt must be displayed conspicuously at your place of business and in such a manner as to be open to the view of the public and subject to inspection by all duly authorized officers of the city.


Local Business Tax receipts must be renewed each fiscal year beginning October 1st, and are valid until September 30th of the following year. A penalty fee is charged for late renewals, and fines and penalties are issued to businesses that do not obtain a receipt.

County Tax Also Required

Pay your Local Business Tax first and then contact the county at 305-375-5068, for a location near you. Both city and county taxes are required to be paid.

Notify City of Any Changes

The City’s Code Compliance & Licensing Department must be notified immediately regarding any change in the business status. The Local Business Tax Receipt must be returned should a business cease operations.

For more information, call the Code Compliance & Licensing Department at