Collins Conundrum

(Thursday, August 31, 2017)We receive great feedback from our residents and those just passing through via our media outlets. Lately, it is all about the roadway, Collins Avenue. People are justifiably frustrated with the condition of the road as well as lane closures necessary to make improvements. The most up to date information by the agency responsible (FDOT) for repaving the whole of Collins Avenue is available at As of this writing, FDOT has delayed that portion of their project while they continue work on other components of the project such as crosswalks, medians, and lighting controls.

Due to the extensive nature of the disrepair of the roadway, the City took a proactive approach to fill the areas that are causing the most trouble. The conundrum is that, with Collins being a state road, there is only so much we can do. In some respects, we are at the mercy of FDOT. Their projects are planned for years in advance and are contingent upon many different factors. The City advanced the Undergrounding project to be completed before the planned July 2017 FDOT project. With their project delayed, we now have to make more temporary repairs to Collins Avenue. Know that there is relief in sight. FDOT should commence the full repaving at the end of the year.