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An Ounce of Prevention Can Safeguard Your Home & Family

By Dwight Snyder, Police Chief

(Wednesday, October 30, 2019) – The mission of the Sunny Isles Beach Police Department is always to reduce crime and maintain the safety of our residents and guests. So with this in mind, let me provide a crime prevention tip dating back to one of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, who once said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” I’m not quite sure Mr. Franklin was talking about crime prevention, but regardless of his meaning, the concept works the same way.

The ounce of prevention we are talking about starts with you. Unfortunately, at times we allow ourselves to become victimized by crimes of opportunity which otherwise could have been averted. Simple prevention techniques include locking your car doors and never leaving the keys, remote starter, firearms or other valuables inside your unattended vehicle. This practice is a recipe for disaster, as unscrupulous criminals are looking to victimize those who fail to safeguard their belongings. Additional residential security measures should also be taken to protect your homes/families and are as simple as locking your doors and windows, including your garage. Alarm systems should be used when available, as they add another level of home security.

As safe as our community is, criminals have no boundaries. So remember, an ounce of simple prevention today will save a pound of financial heartache tomorrow. For more crime prevention tips, visit sibfl.net/fraud-prevention. Stay safe!