Empowering Condominium Owners

By Jeanette Gatto, Commissioner

(Wednesday, August 2, 2017) – Don’t let anyone tell you that the residents of the City of Sunny Isles Beach are not civic-minded. On June 29th the City scheduled a Town Hall meeting featuring State Senator Rene Garcia. Senator Garcia is responsible for co-writing FL State Bill 1682, the new condominium law. This bill directly addresses many of the complaints our citizens have expressed to the Commission over the years. It was refreshing to see about 150 residents in attendance, many armed with questions for the Senator. What’s unique about this bill is that violations of the new law can be subject to criminal prosecution, which finally provides recourse to the tens of thousands of condo owners across the state.

Senator Garcia spent significant time clarifying the highlights of the bill. One major benefit of the law is that condo associations with 150+ units must publish all financial reports online. This not only provides easy access to the information but also establishes a historical trend. Other important elements of the bill include enforcing the law against board members who accept kickbacks and those who conduct election fraud. Term limits are now established and taking a salary or hiring relatives for services is prohibited.

I’d like to extend many thanks to the citizens of Sunny Isles Beach for their interest and participation for what turned out to be an informative meeting.

Sunny Isles Beach residents pack the commission chambers to participate at a Town Hall Meeting on the new Condominium Law.