The Goal of Building a Senior Community Center

By Dana Goldman, Commissioner

(Saturday, November 5, 2016) – As a City Commissioner, I made a commitment to improve the quality of life for our senior citizens by advocating for programs that enhance their social and educational options. A year ago, the City planned to build a Senior Community Center in the proposed Government Annex to be located adjacent to City Hall. Recently, the Commission decided to delay the construction of this project due to the pending negotiations with Miami-Dade County School District regarding the “district jumpers” – the out of boundary students. This delay will prolong the construction of the much needed Senior Community Center.

I asked my colleagues on the Commission at a recent meeting to look at the sales center parcel on 158th Street and Collins Avenue as a potential new senior center site. This site was donated to the City and we will gain full control of it within the next two year. This is a cost effective site because it has an existing building which can be converted quickly. Renovating a building is more economical than building from the ground up. This site also has parking for use by seniors who prefer to drive instead of using the City’s Shuttle Bus.

The City Commission has agreed to look into the feasibility of creating a senior center at the sales center parcel. We hope one day to realize the goal of constructing a Senior Community Center that will enrich the lives of our senior citizens.