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City of Sunny Isles Beach Notice

NOTICE: Golden Shores Undergrounding Project has Commenced

Surveying work for the Golden Shores undergrounding project has commenced. Residents in Golden Shores can expect to see surveying crews in their neighborhood.

What to Expect

  • During this time, crews will be locating property markers, some of which are underground. This may require a dig of a small hole less than 12 inches in diameter. These survey points will be located on the Right of Ways (ROW) (reserved for the purpose of maintenance or expansion of existing services) which extend 10 feet from the edge of the road.
  • Beginning Wednesday, July 31, a LIDAR vehicle (light radar which provides mapping, object detection and identification, and navigation) will be photographing the ROW of every street to capture the existing conditions or any obstacles, poles, lines, etc. They will NOT be capturing photos of private homes, only the ROW area. This vehicle is a car/ minivan with a camera on top.
  • All work on this project will be performed by people and vehicles marked with Craven, Thompson and Associates branding. See logo below.

Craven Thompson and Associates logo