Holiday Safety Tips from the Sunny Isles Beach Police Department

Don’t Let the Grinch Ruin Your Holiday Season

By Dwight Snyder, Police Chief

(December 2, 2018) – Well, it’s hard to believe this year is nearly at a close and the holidays are once again upon us. Nothing brings more joy than being with family and friends throughout the holiday season. The month of December is traditionally a very busy time for all of us, with shopping and festive gatherings, but it’s also an active time for those unscrupulous types who are looking for any opportunity to spoil your holiday spirit. So to ensure we all have a safe and enjoyable holiday season, let’s be reminded of a few common sense safety tips to keep the “Grinch” from spoiling your holiday.

Holiday Safety Tips

  • Never leave packages or valuables in plain sight in your vehicle, as it creates temptation for would-be thieves. If you must leave packages in your vehicle, lock them in the trunk, or keep them out of sight.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and stay alert when walking, especially when shopping.
  • Keep a secure hold on your purses/wallet, so you are not an easy target for thieves, who look for unsuspecting or distracted shoppers.
  • When shopping, always try to park your vehicle in well-lit areas and never approach your vehicle if there are suspicious people in the area. A better alternative is to ask mall or store security for an escort before you leave the store.

For more holiday safety tips, please visit our City webpage, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, @SIBPD. On behalf of the Sunny Isles Beach Police Department, we wish you a happy, healthy holiday season.