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Hurricane Dorian Reminds us to Stay Prepared During Hurricane Season

By George “Bud” Scholl, Mayor

(Wednesday, October 2, 2019) – While originally in the center of Hurricane Dorian’s projected path, the storm’s northward turn spared Sunny Isles Beach a wealth of damage. I want to commend City staff for their excellent hurricane preparation. Throughout the last year, each department has been working hard to update their emergency management plans, and they far exceeded my expectations.

If you follow us on social media, you know that our City communications greatly improved since the last major storm in 2017. We used social media as an interactive means to relay official City information to residents and visitors as well as answer your questions with accurate, official answers. Our total social media engagement increased greatly; Facebook was up by 266 percent and Twitter was up by 383 percent. This shows you were listening to our important messages. You were the first to know about our sandbag distributions, program updates, and nearly 700 of you signed up for notifications on SIBAlert in just five days. Social media is the best place to find essential hurricane-related information regarding the City of Sunny Isles Beach. Follow @CityofSIB on Facebook and Twitter to stay connected.

We were fortunate that Hurricane Dorian missed us, but that does not mean you should let your guard down. Hurricane season does not officially end until November 30, and as you all know, anything can happen. We had an extended preparation period for Dorian, but next time, we might not be as lucky. Heed the warning of what happened in the Bahamas. Though our city’s construction has greatly improved, we might still experience significant impacts. From loss of electricity and running water to inoperable sewage and major flooding, our city’s infrastructure could be vulnerable in the event of a strong hurricane.

It is important to keep your hurricane supplies replenished and your evacuation plans up-to-date. If there is an evacuation order for our city, evacuate. Our top priority is the safety of all residents and visitors.

To stay safe, you must stay informed. Visit sibf.net/hurricane to read more about hurricane preparedness and to sign up for emergency alerts from the City of Sunny Isles Beach.