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International Festival, A Celebration of Everyone

By Fabiola Stuyvesant, Commissioner

(Wednesday, July 3, 2024) – On May 29, 2024, our own Norman S. Edelcup K-8 School was transformed into a melting pot of cultures for the third International Festival. Hosting this event was an honor, as we showcased the beautiful tapestry of diversity that defines our community. With over 400 attendees, the evening was a true testament to the power of unity, love, and respect when celebrating different cultures.

Under the leadership of the Parents of SIB Organization, our teachers and families curated captivating displays representing the following countries: Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Georgia, India, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, United States, and Venezuela. Each booth was a vibrant tribute to its respective nation’s unique customs, cuisines, and cultures. The on-stage songs and dances were mesmerizing.

Local businesses played a key role by sponsoring traditional foods, performances, and donating prizes. Thank you to El Tayta Peruvian Bistro, El Tropico Restaurant, Megachuzo, Mozart Café, Golden Chariot Indian Restaurant, Impact Computers and Electronics, JKare, and others.

Yet, the true stars of the evening were our families, whose passion and pride for their cultural heritage illuminated the festival. Their dedication to sharing their traditions with others was inspiring, and the joy on the faces of children as they explored each country’s booth “traveling” to these far-away lands and getting their “passports” stamped, was a sight to behold.

In Sunny Isles Beach, we are more than just neighbors; we are a diverse and vibrant community united by our uniqueness. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to ALL who made the International Festival a night to remember.

Contact Commissioner Fabiola Stuyvesant at seat3@sibfl.net or 305.792.1751.

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