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May is Beach Safety Month

Tuesday, April 25, 2017–

May is Beach Safety Month! Everyone loves to enjoy the ocean and our beaches, but it is important to remember safety tips to make your experience safe and memorable for all the right reasons!

Please follow these safety tips whenever visiting our (or any) beach;

  1. Always swim near a lifeguard stand.
  2. Never swim alone.
  3. Watch for the color of the flag. Red means that the waters are dangerous and you should swim with extreme caution. Yellow means that the waters are moderate to rough, and you should swim with caution. Green means waters are calm and should be great to enjoy. Purple flag lets you know that there are marine life present, like jelly fish, so be alert and pay attention.
  4. Life vests: Inexperienced swimmers or young children should wear life vests.
  5. Rip currents: If you’re caught in a rip current, stay calm and swim perpendicular to the current.
  6. Always wear water resistant sunscreen, and reapply often throughout the day.

If you follow these simple tips, you are sure to have a great time every visit to our beautiful beaches.