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NMB Water will be Performing System Maintenance Involving Chlorine Disinfection of Water from Nov 6 – 19.

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This message is being passed on as a courtesy on behalf of the Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department (WASD) and NMB Water.

The Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department (WASD) will temporarily change its method of chlorination at each of its regional water treatment facilities. This includes the NMB Water facility which provides services to Sunny Isles Beach. Specifically, free chlorine treatment will be used to provide a somewhat stronger disinfection and bleaching process than the combined chlorine treatment which is normally used at our regional water plants. This change in treatment will occur beginning November 6, 2017 and will continue through November 19, 2017. During this period, a consumer may experience unusual chlorine taste or odor in the tap water. However, these temporary conditions will not cause adverse health effects. This periodic change in chlorine treatment has taken place annually and will ensure adequate disinfection levels in the water.

Chlorine Treatment Facts

  • The free chlorine treatment period will begin November 6, 2017 and continues through November 19, 2017.
  • This process has been coordinated with Miami-Dade County Health Department and Permitting, Environment and Regulatory Affairs.
  • Free chlorine residual produces trihalomethanes (TTHM’s). Combined residual chlorine, as normally applied greatly reduces the formation of TTHM’s.
  • Studies concerning the carcinogenic effect of TTHM’s in drinking water are based on the consumption of 2 liters (slightly over 1/2 gallon) of tap water per day for 70 years. Short periods of exposure to increased levels of TTHM’s should be of little health significance. Consuming water with elevated TTHM levels during this two-week treatment period will not result in any adverse health effects.
  • There generally is no adverse effect to pets consuming water during these treatment periods; however, consumers with tropical fish should contact their aquarium supplier or pet shop for specific guidance regarding water changes during this period.
  • Public notices announcing the “Free Chlorine Treatment Period” will be published in local newspapers. All hospitals, kidney dialysis centers, and pet shops will be notified individually by certified mail. Wholesale customers will be similarly notified by letter.