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Aerial view of new Pedestrian Bridge in Sunny Isles Beach connecting 172 - 174th street.

Notice to Residents Adjacent to 172 – 174 Street Pedestrian Bridge

Construction activities to commence Saturday, December 2.

As the Pedestrian Bridge nears completion, the top surface application will require some unique construction activities.

Commencing Saturday, December 2, crews will begin the surface preparation of the concrete surface. This operation entails minor grinding of the existing concrete surface to provide for an appropriate base for the installation of the top decorative surface. The grinding operation will be accomplished using walk behind rotary equipment, which will create some noise and dust. Immediately following the grinding operation, vacuums will be utilized to remove the particulate material created during this process. We encourage adjacent properties to keep windows and doors closed in the unlikely event the dust may be blown toward your property. This operation will be accomplished during daytime hours only lasting for approximately 4 – 5 days.

Following the surface preparation operation, the actual decorative top surface material will be applied. This application is light and temperature sensitive, and must be accomplished during nighttime hours. There are no adverse conditions created by this application other than the necessity to be completed during the night from 6 PM to 6 AM. Crews have been directed to focus all necessary lighting away from adjacent properties and directly at the work surface. Noise will be kept to an absolute minimum with no unusual sounds expected. The duration for this activity is expected to last 10 – 12 days.