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Overwhelmed but Not Alone

By Jeniffer Viscarra, Commissioner

(May 15, 2020) – The one thing we can all do to fight this pandemic is to stay home. However, staying home may look different for each household in our community. If you have school-aged children, you are now dealing with distance learning and all that entails – figuring out the technology involved, keeping the kids motivated and on schedule, being more hands-on with the subject matter, and possibly preparing more meals. Cooking for family who are home more also means more shopping and cleaning. If you are among those working from home, you may be expected to perform as if these other adjustments don’t exist. If you lost your job, you’re worried about making it through the next month. You may even be in a difficult domestic situation concerned about your safety. It can all be overwhelming.

You are not alone. As stressful as these circumstances can be, they also provide us with the opportunity to rise up as a community and as a team. Children can do their part at home, depending on their age, including respecting your time and space during important calls. Fellow classroom parents can help one another with accessing the assignments and staying on track. Neighbors can buy a few extra items at the grocery store for the elderly or unemployed in our buildings. We can help a friend afraid of domestic violence create a safety plan. We can be creative and resourceful as we stay home and keep one another as safe as possible.

Last but not least – a very big thank you to our first responders and essential workers!

I welcome you to contact me by email at jviscarra@sibfl.net or by phone at 305.792.1750.