Traffic lights in city

Intersection Safety Camera Program

The City is implementing the Intersection Safety Camera Program to reduce the number of traffic violations, crashes, and injuries caused by red-light runners. The goal is to change drivers’ behavior, ensuring the community’s safety as more drivers obey traffic signals and stop on red.

***August 1 – 31, 2024, the program will start with a warning period. Beginning September 1, 2024, violators will receive a $158 fine.

What is a red-light violation?

A red-light violation occurs when a motorist crosses over the white stop line after the traffic signal turns red. Motorists already in the intersection when the signal turns red, such as waiting to turn, are not considered violators.

Where are the red-light cameras located?

  • Eastbound Sunny Isles Blvd. at Signaled Pedestrian Crosswalk (200 block)
  • 183 St. and Collins Ave. (north and southbound lanes)
  • 193 St. and Collins Ave. (southbound lanes only)
  • 159 St. and Collins Ave. (north and southbound lanes)

How do red-light cameras work?

The cameras detect movement of vehicles through the intersection when the traffic signal turns red. If the camera estimates that a vehicle is about to run a red light, a recording is made. Each video recording is then reviewed by the Sunny Isles Beach Police Department before a notice of violation is issued.

Are there any signs notifying drivers about photo enforced intersection?

Yes, there are signs posted before entering the intersection advising drivers they are entering a photo enforced location.

How much is the fine?

The registered owner of the vehicle will receive a $158 civil violation in the mail.

How can I pay the fine?

Violations must be paid:

What if I was not the driver?

You can request a hearing to dispute the violation or submit a sworn and notarized affidavit stating who was driving at the time of the violation. The affidavit is available online at

What happens if I don’t pay the fine?

Unpaid violations will be transferred to the Miami-Dade County Clerks of Court, increasing the fine to $277. This can lead to a registration hold and potential points on the violator’s driver’s license.

*Please note that City management and elected officials do not have authority to waive citations.