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Reopening Condos

Reopening Condos

Countywide Curfew Remains in Effect

Miami-Dade County Amendment 3 to Emergency Order 27-20 issuing a countywide curfew from 12 am each night through 6 am the next morning remains in effect.

During the period of such curfew, no person shall make use of any street or sidewalk for any purpose, except police, fire rescue, first responder, medical, health care, media, and utility repair service personnel. In addition, the curfew shall not apply to persons:

a. Working at essential establishments listed in attached exhibit A;
b. Returning directly to their homes from work at essential establishments or going directly to work at essential establishments from their homes;
c. Making deliveries from essential establishments;
d. Walking their dogs within 250 feet of their residences; and
e. Traveling to and from any sporting event sponsored by the NCAA, Major League Baseball, or the National Football League, or any other national professional sports league or organization.
f. Traveling to or from any religious service.

Facial Coverings Required in Public

Miami-Dade County Amendment 2 to Emergency Order 20-20 requiring all persons throughout the County to wear a mask or other facial covering when in public remains in effect.

Facial coverings shall not be required:

  • at or inside a private residence or automobile
  • at or inside any religious institution, without limitation
  • inside a hotel, motel, or commercial lodging establishment guest room, or inside any apartment
  • of children under the age of two years
  • of persons who cannot wear a mask or facial covering due to an existing medical condition
  • of an individual who is hearing impaired or an individual who is communicating with an individual who is hearing impaired
  • where federal or state safety or health regulations prohibit the wearing of facial coverings
  • of persons actively engaged in strenuous physical activity outdoors if social and physical distancing can be guaranteed or participating in organized sports as defined by Emergency Order 29-20, as amended; facial coverings must be put on by athletes and other individuals standing on the sidelines of sports competitions;
  • of persons swimming or engaged in other activities which may cause the facial covering to become wet
  • while persons are actively eating, drinking, or smoking
  • while a person is receiving services which require access to that person’s nose or mouth
  • if a person is (1) stationary, (2) outdoors, and (3) a fixed physical barrier, marker, or obstruction exists to ensure a separation of not less than 10 feet between the stationary individual and all other persons.

Condominium Amenities 

Effective immediately, and in conformance with the Governor of Florida’s Executive Order Number 20-244, Miami-Dade County Emergency Order 30-20 authorizes every retail and commercial establishment and any other establishment or facility in the County to open provided that each such establishment complies with the following:

  1. Specific capacity, social distancing and other requirements, including the applicable activity-specific requirements in the Moving To A New Normal Handbook, as amended
  2. The facial covering requirements in Emergency Order 20-20, as amended
  3. The entry of County or municipal personnel onto the establishment’s property for the sole purpose of inspection for compliance with this order

Beach Chairs & Concessions 

Condominiums and hotels are not required to set up chairs or concessions for guests and residents, however, if you are planning on reopening, below are the guidelines you must follow. Additional guidelines will be provided, but please keep the below minimum guidelines in mind as you plan to reopen.

County & City Guidelines

  • Concession furnishings/beach chairs/umbrellas/beach equipment provided by concessionaires and hotels and residential buildings:
    • Distancing required of at least 6 feet for patrons, not of the same household.
    • Towels must be changed and used towels sent for laundering after each guest’s use.
  • Furnishings must be cleaned and disinfected after each guest’s use using EPA approved disinfectants.
  • Chairs must be removed one hour prior to sunset.
  • Preset chairs may only be set within your designated preset zone.
  • Your preset zone must be delineated with cones or flags to facilitate requirements for social distancing.
  • Preset chairs must be placed six feet in from your designated area to allow for social distancing.
  • Food sales pursuant to New Normal restaurant guidelines (including no self-service)
  • Chair, umbrella, and towel rentals pursuant to CDC recommendations and New Normal parks guidelines (including social distancing and the requirement to clean and disinfect rental equipment between each use)
  • No shared equipment (i.e. beach chairs, umbrellas, coolers, etc.) among people from different households
  • No canopies or tents
  • No organized or group activities and athletics involving groups of two or more (for example, volleyball, football, soccer, frisbee, paddleball, etc.)
  • No gatherings of people from different households, unless social distancing guidelines are maintained – group size shall not exceed 10 persons at any time.
  • Areas of social gathering in beach parks are not to be accessible.

Please read Miami-Dade County rules and guidelines for the beach, including chairs and concessions in the Miami-Dade County New Normal Guide.


The City of Sunny Isles Beach rescinded Emergency Order 03-20, which limits construction in multi-family residential buildings to essential activities only. Construction will be permitted, subject to any restrictions by the condo board. This order will go in to effect Monday, June 1. 

City of Sunny Isles Beach Emergency Order 04-20 remains in effect, requiring general contractors of open/new construction sites in progress to strictly adhere to CDC guidelines, City requirements, and the Joint Construction Industry Commitment: Pledge to Reduce the Spread of Novel Coronavirus on South Florida’s construction sites. 


In the event that an establishment is not in compliance with New Normal Guidelines, the establishment shall immediately close until it has addressed its compliance issue(s). Before reopening, the owner or authorized agent of the establishment must comply with all of the following conditions:

    • Review Emergency Order 30-20, and take all necessary measures to come into compliance with the requirements of this order and the New Normal Guide;
    • Execute the Attestation of Compliance demonstrating that the review has been completed and the required measures have been taken, and
    • Submit the executed attestation by email to covid19businessviolations@mdpd.com or send by mail to Special Patrol Bureau/Incident Management Team, 1501 NW 79th Avenue, Doral, FL 33126)
      and the City of Sunny Isles Beach (email code@sibfl.net or send by mail to the City of Sunny Isles Beach, Attn: Code Compliance, 18070 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160)