SIB Police Officer talked to students at Career Day.

School Safety: What About Your School?

By Fred Maas, Police Chief

(Friday, June 1, 2018) – I had a choice to write an article on any topic of importance. I chose the topic of greatest importance to our police department, school and student safety.

It is no secret of the vast resources the City and police department contribute to NSE/ SIB K-8 School. Yes, it is a Miami-Dade County Public School, but the students, teachers, administrators and staff are Sunny Isles Beach people. Whether they are residents or simply educate and work at the school, they are our concern. That concern translates into the most effective and secure environment that we can provide for safety.

To that end, your Sunny Isles Beach Police Department recently trained each and every member of the department, from Officer to Command Staff, in Active Shooter and Critical Incident Response. Every officer has been trained similarly as to response, immediate entry, action and neutralization of the emergency at hand. Most importantly, every officer is not only committed but expected, to preserve life by risking their own, by immediate entry and engagement of any adverse activity or subjects.

Every police officer takes an oath when they are sworn in to defend life against all enemies, foreign and domestic. This is why we chose this profession. This is why we train. This is why I want your students to consider Sunny Isles Beach Police Department their partners, their defenders, and their friends. Most of all, as parents, please know that our job is the extended protection of your child’s safety. May God protect us all from ever having to be in that circumstance.