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Social Media Disclaimer

The following disclaimers pertain to all Sunny Isles Beach social media accounts including, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vimeo.

PUBLIC RECORDS DISCLAIMER: City of Sunny Isles Beach social media sites are subject to State of Florida public records laws, Freedom of Information Act and e-discovery laws. Any communications or information distributed through these social media sites are subject to public records laws and will be recorded and submitted to public record, and may be re-called at a later date.

DISCLAIMER: The City of Sunny Isles Beach is not responsible for the content, quality, accuracy or completeness of any offsite materials referenced by or linked through the City’s Social Networking Sites. By using the City’s social networking sites, the user acknowledges and accepts the risk of injury or damage from viewing, hearing, downloading or storing such materials and the responsibility rests entirely with the user. The City is not responsible for any materials stored on other social networking sites or websites, nor is it liable for any inaccurate defamatory, offensive or illegal materials found on other social networking sites or websites.

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