Entrance sign to the City's newest park, Gateway Park.

A New Home for our Senior Community Center: Part 2

By Dana Goldman, Vice-Mayor

(Friday, January 26, 2018) – I mentioned in my last article that we found a home for our new Senior Community Center at our newest park, Gateway Park. I am confident this 16,000 square foot space is the ideal location to provide a comfortable and safe center where our senior residents can enjoy programs and events specifically designed for their demographic. In order to design the highest quality center for our seniors, we have begun researching our surrounding neighborhoods’ best practices.

We recently conducted site visits of other community centers in the South Florida region. We met with City Officials of neighboring municipalities who are currently executing successful senior programs. These visits were extraordinarily educational as I learned that good planning is a necessity when it comes to developing a successful and enduring program. Before we “build out” and begin implementing new classes or events, we must first assess the needs of our community, the limitations of the space, and discover the optimal features that will appeal to the target audience while reaping the most benefits for all.

Additionally, our site visits opened my eyes to the essentialness of a banquet space. The design and implementation of this new space, which will provide for a flexible, multifunctional space to best serve our community and improve the quality of life for all of our residents, is at the top of my 2018 New Year’s resolutions and priorities.

Please feel free to contact me at dgoldman@sibfl.net or 305.792.1700.