Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation.

Condominium Complaints

The Sunny Isles Beach Police Department occasionally receives inquiries from residents and other individuals in regards to the operation of their condominium association by its directors and/or its property manager.  Florida law (chapter 718 FSS) and Florida rules (chapter 61B FAC) govern the operation of condominium associations. Florida’s legislature has designated the Department of Business and Professional Regulation to investigate and enforce violations of the Condominium Act. Individuals with complaints about their condominium association or property manager need to file their complaint with DBPR. As a courtesy to residents, the City is providing the following link to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s website:


On the home page, follow the link to “file a complaint”.  There are two separate links depending on your complaint; one for Condominiums/Cooperatives and one for Community Association Managers and Firms. As always, the Sunny Isles Beach Police Department is available to answer questions and provide guidance if you require general information about your condominium association.

Condominium Ombudsman

Spencer Hennings Condominium Ombudsman
Spencer Hennings, Condominium Ombudsman

At the January 2020 Commission Meeting, the City Commission voted to petition the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) to have a representative of the Office of the Condominium Ombudsman provide services within our city.

The mission of the Office of the Condominium Ombudsman is to improve the quality of life for Florida condominium owners through prompt, professional and courteous service as a neutral, informative and accessible resource. The Office, which is part of the DBPR, has three overarching functions: to investigate complaints, report findings, and work toward equitable settlements. In addition, they also monitor condominium elections, as misconduct during elections leads to significant complaints and costly disputes among unit owners.

Among other duties, the State Ombudsman office facilitates voluntary meetings between affected parties when the meetings may assist in resolving a dispute within a community association before the person submits a dispute for formal or administrative remedy; develops policies and procedures to assist unit owners; and acts as a resource for both the rights and responsibilities of unit owners, board members, and associations. Ultimately, the Ombudsman is a resource to provide a neutral and balanced perspective to address the competing interests in condominium law and regulation.

The Ombudsman is available to meet with residents upon request. To request a meeting, or reach out for more information, contact his office at 954.202.3234 or e-mail ombudsman@myfloridalicense.com.

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