Information Technology Department adding solar-powered wi-fi panels to the lifeguard tower on the beach

Public Wi-Fi

Sunny Isles Beach offers residents and visitors free Wi-Fi throughout the City as part of the Wireless Island Project. Many of our City parks have Wi-Fi hotspots where internetSIBI Wifi Hotspot connectivity is free, wireless, and commercial-free. The City parks that are Wi-Fi Hotspots include:

Wi-Fi on the Beach

While you are enjoying the Atlantic views, take advantage of the city-provided Wi-Fi along the beach. We can proudly say that nearly the entire stretch of our beach has access to free city Wi-Fi. Seven out of the 10 lifeguard towers along the beach are equipped with solar powered units that serve as the access points for power. Two additional lifeguard stations will be equipped with solar panels in the future as one is in the process of being rebuilt and another is going to be moved. Once the work on these two lifeguard towers is finalized, there will be total Wi-Fi coverage along the beach. So, while you’re surfing the waves, connect to SIBIWIFI and surf the Internet.

SIBi Wi-Fi Acceptable Use Policy

WARNING: Public hotspots are insecure by design regardless of the level of security enabled on your device. It’s never wise to transmit private information (Ex. social security, credit card, bank account, personal identifiable information) over such networks and having antivirus/antispyware to include a firewall is highly encouraged as a basic means of protection. All public hotspots are AT YOUR OWN RISK.