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Rebranding Sunny Isles Beach

Rebranding Sunny Isles Beach

The City of Sunny Isles Beach is in the process of rebranding. This means we are conducting research to determine how to position the city to best represent our residents, businesses and services. Throughout the past year, we have conducted studies, surveys, and other public events to gain your feedback and input on how we can brand our city as a collective group. As the project progresses, we will provide updates, data analysis, and more information on how you can participate.

Project Update

Click here to read the Rebranding Research Report

We are reaching completion of our Rebranding Project. During Phase 1, we conducted focus groups and phone and online surveys, asking residents, businesses and stakeholders to provide us with feedback on our city, its brand, and what you envision our city to be in the years to come. The findings from this research are available to review in the Rebranding Research Report and Strategic Analysis.

During Phase 2, Jacober Creative took the findings from Phase 1, along with feedback from the Commission, to execute the City’s new brand. The goal was to create a unified brand identity that reflects the evolution of the city and its future growth, connect the local government with the community we serve, inspire resident engagement with the city, attract potential businesses and investors, and position Sunny Isles Beach as a safe, responsive and sought-after community.

The final brand elements were presented to the public during a City Commission Workshop on Wednesday, June 23. In case you missed it, the workshop is available to watch below or on our YouTube page.


What is Branding?

Logo vs. Brand

While a logo at its most basic, is simply an icon, text, or both that tells people your name and what you do, a brand is a collection of perceptions, feelings, and ideas that a company portrays to its audience. A brand includes every single touch-point and interaction users have with your company or organization.

Branding covers the most basic elements of a company’s identity, starting with the values an organization stands for. The process includes a mission and vision statement, logo design and tagline, color palettes, and the way the brand is deployed. The mission statement is a concise explanation of the organization’s reason for existence. It describes the organization’s purpose and overall intention. The mission statement supports the vision and serves to communicate purpose and direction. A vision statement puts into a single sentence what an organization is aiming to achieve – a vision that remains constant. The brand logo is a graphic symbol that visually represents a brand and is often considered the face of an organization. The logo is used on all collateral, including digital, print and other materials that represent the City. The tagline is a short, memorable phrase that conveys the sentiment or feeling you want associated with your brand. The tagline summarizes the mission and/or services offered. Style guidelines are established style requirements to improve communication by ensuring consistency across all platforms and mediums of communication. The style guidelines ensure that the brand message is being communicated at all times and aligns with the mission and vision statement.

Additionally, branding may cover a company’s voice, how it communicates with consumers and the tone they take when speaking. Essentially, branding is an umbrella concept that covers how you build a brand. It includes all the touch-points you create to build an identity that is memorable and cohesive.

Goals & Objectives

The focus of the rebranding project will be on branding the City of Sunny Isles Beach municipal government and the community it serves based on research and guidelines conducted by the City and our contracted branding firm, Jacober Creative. This comprehensive branding campaign will provide the City with a modern elevated and classic brand identity that should emanate uniformity, community identity and adaptability. This brand will be co-created with involvement from the community, which includes residents, employees, business owners, and visitors. The goal of this rebranding campaign is to create a unified and identifiable look that residents can connect with, businesses want to work with, and employees are proud to represent.

Our new brand will aim to bridge the local government with the community it serves. In addition, we are seeking to

  • Reposition Sunny Isles Beach as a multicultural residential community, which provides its residents with a safe, diverse, engaging, evolving and caring environment to grow in.
  • Increase resident engagement with the City, including online and in-person engagement.
  • Establish a brand for the City that will endure future developments, create a lasting impact on the community, and represent the community, its diversity and its unique geographic location.


This project will be divided into two phases over the next 18 months.

Phase 1 will encompass research and market analysis to establish a basis and understanding of the City’s stakeholders, proposed target audience, and positioning. The research methods will include focus groups and surveys of various Sunny Isles Beach stakeholders. This research will assist in establishing the mission and vision statement of our City, which will be represented by the brand. Phase 2 will use the information and research gathered during Phase 1, including the mission and vision statements, to develop a brand identity, including a logo, tagline and branded collateral along with design and style guidelines.

Each phase will take approximately six to nine months and updates will be provided regularly on this webpage.

Phase 1 – Market Research and Investigation

Phase one includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • A thorough demographic study for the City. The study will include formal quantitative research and informal qualitative research with a representative sample of Sunny Isles Beach stakeholders to determine how the Sunny Isles Beach brand should be updated. The audience research will include surveys and focus groups with a random sample of Sunny Isles Beach residents, visitors, employees, and business owners/managers. The goal of this research is to better understand who our residents are and to gain useful feedback on how the City is perceived by its stakeholders and how it should be marketed.
  • Obtain and analyze market research including demographics and psychographics to include: residents, visitors, hotels and resorts, corporations, retailers/restaurants, employees, property owners, and developers.
  • Conduct strategic analysis of demographics, business trends, and Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) as the foundation for the branding program and corresponding program areas.
  • Provide a mission and vision statement based on the research conducted.

Phase 2 – Brand Development and Execution

Phase two includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Develop a logo and tagline
  • Identify design and style guidelines for all city marketing and communications
  • Branding options will also take into consideration items such as signs, vehicle and bus wraps, pole banners, promotional products, City website, and City publications (monthly newsletter and quarterly magazine).
  • Develop internal and external plan for brand awareness and marketing with an understanding of the City’s brand in reference to the local community and South Florida region.

Ways to Participate

As a resident, business owner, property owner or visitor, you have valuable insight into what makes the City of Sunny Isles Beach unique. September through November, we conducted phone and online surveys asking for our residents’ feedback on our city, its brand and what they would like to see in the years to come. Your answers will be used to develop a comprehensive and community-driven brand and marketing plan for the City of Sunny Isles Beach. In the hopes of collecting feedback from as many members of our community as possible, the survey was made publicly available through all of our various media channels including social media and email. The survey was available in English, Spanish and Russian.

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