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Planning and Zoning

The Community Development Department enforces zoning regulations. These zoning regulations are called Land Development Regulations (LDRs).

The purpose of the LDRs is to implement further the Comprehensive Plan for the City by establishing regulations, procedures, and standards for review and approval of all development and uses of land and water in the City. Further, the LDRs are adopted in order to foster and preserve public health, safety, comfort and welfare, and to aid in the harmonious, orderly, and progressive development and redevelopment of the City. It is the intent of these LDRs that the development process in the City be efficient, in terms of time and expense; effective, in terms of addressing the natural resource and public facility implications of proposed development; equitable, in terms of consistency with established regulation and procedures, and show respect for the rights of property owners, and the consideration for the interests of the citizens of the City.”

The department is responsible to review plans, prepare recommendations, advertise zoning public hearings for site plan review, conditional use, variances, zoning changes, and amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. A zoning hearing application requires Commission approval.

The department also reviews all legal documents such as Unity of Title, Covenants, and Agreements that may be required with each application. Each application is reviewed under the design standards set forth in the Land Development Regulations. In addition, the department reviews zoning regulations for all building permits submitted to the Building Department. This department also reviews and approves Certificates of Use applications.

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