Street cat eating food

City of Sunny Isles Beach Community Cat Program


The purpose of the Community Cat Program is to humanely manage colonies of cats, also known as feral cats, within city boundaries.


The objective of the program is to reduce the overpopulation of community cats in the city.

About the Community Cat Program

The Community Cat Program was established in 1999, shortly after the incorporation of the City of Sunny Isles Beach. Through this program, volunteers trap, neuter, vaccinate, and return (T.N.V.R.) cats to their colonies. Specifically, once the cat is trapped, it receives a spay/neuter surgery, is vaccinated with FVR/rabies vaccines, and is returned to the colony. Treated cats have their left ear tip snipped to identify that it has been sterilized and vaccinated for rabies.

Currently, there are several colonies on public properties, which are being monitored and maintained by city-approved volunteers. The below map details the locations authorized by our program.

Map of City-designated Cat Feeding Locations

About the Volunteers

The volunteers enrolled in the program practice trap, neuter, vaccinate, and return (T.N.V.R.), feed, foster, and work to have these cats adopted. Volunteers go through an application and training process before they can participate in the program. Upon approval, they are issued an ID card. ID cards should be clearly visible at all times.

Volunteer Application Process

Interested residents must complete the online application using the link below. The application will be reviewed by the City and applicants will be contacted by City staff regarding the decision of their application.

The program is free for residents of Sunny Isles Beach. Sunny Isles Beach residents must provide a copy of one of the following as proof of residency:

  • Valid City-issued Sunny Isles Beach Resident ID Card
  • Current deed or lease (duration must be at least 1 year). A copy of the lease AND a letter from the condo/management office stating who resides in the unit are required.
  • A utility bill from within the last 3 months (electric, cable, or phone) with your name and Sunny Isles Beach address
    • Note: mobile phone bills will NOT be accepted.
  • Current car registration and proof of insurance
  • A credit or debit card statement within the last 3 months

Non-residents of Sunny Isles Beach will be considered.

Enforcement Guidelines

Section 194-2.E of the Code of Ordinance of the City of Sunny Isles Beach refers to the unauthorized feeding of animals as the unauthorized feeding of any exotic or native animals or leaving food which may be consumed by nuisance animals, as those terms defined in Section 201-4 (C) 1 of this Code, on publicly owned property. Authorized feeding areas are to be determined by the City Manager or his designee.

Violations to any individual that violates the code will be issued pursuant to Section 201-10 of the Code of Ordinance of the City of Sunny Isles Beach.


Contact Information

Phone: 305.792.1760