Approved Developments in Sunny Isles Beach

  1. La Playa Varadero – 18801 Collins AvenueMap showing approved developments in Sunny Isles Beach in 2022.
    La Playa Varadero is a condominium project including two towers totaling 490 residential units with approximately 1,228,154 square feet of floor area ratio.
    Zoning Resolution 15-Z-156
    Zoning Resolution 16-Z-158
    Zoning Resolution 22_Z-189
  2. Bentley Residences – 18401 Collins Avenue
    The Bentley Residences is a 62-story residential condominium tower with a 216 units and approximately 616,185 square feet of floor area.
    Zoning Resolution 21-Z-182
  3. Government Center Expansion – 18080 Collins Avenue***
  4. Estates at Acqualina Parking Garage125 178 Street
    The Estates at Acqualina Parking Garage is a 10-story enclosed parking garage with 432 parking spaces.
    Zoning Resolution 20-Z-176
    Zoning Resolution 21-Z-183
  5. Estates at Acqualina – 17901 Collins Avenue
    The Estates at Acqualina is a project encompassing two residential towers with a total of 264 dwelling units with approximately 1,085,205 square feet of floor area ratio.
    Zoning Resolution 14-Z-144
    Zoning Resolution 15-Z-153
    Zoning Resolution 18-Z-165
  6. Aurora – 17550 Collins Avenue
    Aurora is a mixed-use condominium tower consisting of 5,721 square feet of commercial spaces on the ground floor and 61 residential units on the upper floors, for a total of 126,888 square feet of floor area ratio.
    Zoning Resolution 15-Z-154
    Zoning Resolution 16-Z-157
  7. Monaco – 17501 Collins Avenue
    Monaco Hotel is a 3-story building with 113 hotel units and a restaurant for their guests and visitors.
    Zoning Resolution 18-Z-169
  8. Chabad Community Center – 488 Sunny Isles Blvd.
    The Chabad Lubavitch Russian Center of South Florida has obtained an approval to develop a community center which will hold a Chabad, restaurant, learning facility, and a social hall.
    Zoning Resolution 12-Z-131
    Zoning Resolution 14-Z-149
    Zoning Resolution 18-Z-166
  9. Marina del Mar II – 150 – 300 Kings Point Drive
    The Marina del Mar II is a project encompassing two apartment rental towers with a total of 254 dwelling units with approximately 717,748 square feet of floor area ration and a stand-alone parking garage.
    Zoning Resolution 17-Z-161


***Public Development

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