Man placing a bottle in a recycling can.

Recycling in Sunny Isles Beach

Sunny Isles Beach is ECOMMITTED

Sunny Isles Beach is ECOMMITTEDAs part of our pledge to be “ECOMMITTED,” the City of Sunny Isles Beach is increasing recycling efforts in our parks and on our beach. Recycling bins can be found at Pelican Community Park, Samson Oceanfront Park, Town Center Park, Gateway Park and our beach access pathways. Temporary recycling bins are also located at all of our special events.

The recyclables with the greatest impact are bottles, cans and paper. When it comes to plastic bottles, caps are now recyclable, but you must place them back on the empty container before tossing them in the bin. Be mindful that placing non-recyclable garbage into recycling containers increases the cost of the recycling process and increases the cost of garbage and recycling collection service. The best practice is to put all the right recyclables in the recycling container and all non-recyclables in the trash can. In Sunny Isles Beach, we have single stream recycling, which means that all recycling bins collect cans, plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, and magazines. We do not, however, collect glass objects. Please be sure to place any glass in the trash can.

Below you will find information on how you can be ECOMMITTED by recycling at home or at work. All inquiries about recycling programs for single-family homes, multifamily buildings and businesses in Sunny Isles Beach should be directed to the Miami-Dade County Department of Solid Waste Management at 305.514.6666 or

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Recycling for Single Family Homes

Miami-Dade County provides recycling service for single-family homes in Sunny Isles Beach. Residential recycling takes place once every other week on Mondays. For most customers, the cost of the service is included in the waste fee as a non-ad valorem assessment on your annual tax bill.

Recycling in Condos & Multifamily Buildings

Recycling in multifamily residences such as apartment buildings and condominiums is mandatory. Services can be provided by a permitted hauler, private recycling hauler or their appropriate governmental agency.

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Recycling for Businesses

Business owners in Miami-Dade County must provide a recycling program for their employees and tenants, using the services of a permitted hauler or private recycling hauler. Your current waste hauler may also provide recycling services.

Miami-Dade County will provide technical assistance to help your business comply with the recycling law.

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