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City Commissioners

The City of Sunny Isles Beach operates under a “Mayor-Commission-Manager” form of government. The City Commission is responsible for the setting of policy, approval of budget, determination of tax rates, hiring and firing of the charter officers, and the development of community land policies. The City Manager is selected by the City Commission and is responsible for the administration of all departments and divisions of the City government and for carrying out policies adopted by the City Commission.

Current Elected City Commission

Photo: Larisa Svechin
Larisa Svechin

Photo: Dana Goldman
Dana Goldman
Southern Area – Seat 3

Headshot of Alex Lama, Sunny Isles Beach Commissioner
Alex Lama
Central Area – Seat 2

Jeniffer Viscarra, Sunny Isles Beach City Commissioner
Jeniffer Viscarra
South-Central Area – Seat 4


The City Charter provides for a City Commission that is vested with all legislative powers of the City. The Mayor and four Commissioners are elected to serve for four-year terms.

Registered voters Citywide elect a Mayor; four residential area commissioners, (one residing in each designated area).

Elections are held every even-numbered year, on the second Tuesday following the first Monday in November.

Upcoming Election Dates

    • Special Election – Mayor
      November 2, 2021
    • Citywide – Mayor
      Next election: November 2022
    • Northern Area – Seat 1
      Next election: November 2020
    • Central Area – Seat 2
      Next election: November 2022
    • Southern Area – Seat 3
      Next election: November 2020
    • South-Central Area – Seat 4
      Next election: November 2022

Election Information

Voter Information