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Garbage Pickup & Recycling

Garbage Pickup (Miami Dade County)

Miami-Dade County provides garbage pickup services for the single-family homes in Golden Shores and Atlantic Isle.

Garbage pickup occurs twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. Residential trash, trash and garbage receptacles may not be placed for curbside pickup more than 24 hours before pickup and all receptacles must be removed from the curbside within 24 hours after pickup.

Starting Garbage Pickup With Miami Dade County

Recycling Pickup (Miami Dade County)

Recycling is also handled by Miami Dade County on Mondays and Thursdays.

Recycling with Miami Dade County

Recycling in Sunny Isles Beach

As part of our pledge to be “ECOMMITTED,” the City of Sunny Isles Beach is increasing recycling efforts in our parks and on our beach. Beginning in February 2020, we placed new recycling bins at Pelican Community Park and temporary recycling bins at each special event. In the coming months, we will also be placing recycling bins at all public beach accesses, as well as Samson Oceanfront Park and Town Center Park.

The recyclables with the greatest impact are bottles, cans and paper. When it comes to plastic bottles, caps are now recyclable, but you must place them back on the empty container before tossing them in the bin. Be mindful that placing non-recyclable garbage into recycling containers increases the cost of the recycling process and increases the cost of garbage and recycling collection service. The best practice is to put all the right recyclables in the recycling container and all non-recyclables in the trash can. In Sunny Isles Beach, we have single stream recycling, which means that all recycling bins collect cans, plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, and magazines. We do not, however, collect glass objects. Please be sure to place any glass in the trash can.

Scheduled Bulk Waste Pickup (Miami Dade County)

Each household is allowed two large bulk waste pickups per year, which must be scheduled with the County by the resident. To schedule a bulk waste pick-up, residents can call either the Miami-Dade County Answer Center at 311 or Miami-Dade County Solid Waste at 305.594.1500.  Bulky waste must not be left out before 24 hours ahead of the scheduled pickup time. Bulky waste is not allowed on the swale prior to obtaining a pickup confirmation.

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More Information

  • Prior to hurricane season, plan large landscaping cleanups and tree pruning to coincide with scheduled pickups.
  • Both Miami-Dade County Solid Waste and Sunny Isles Beach Code Compliance and Licensing Department enforce code regulations regarding waste pickup.
  • Trash pickup in condominiums and hotels is handled by private refuse companies.