Transportation Master Plan

In preparing for the future, the City of Sunny Isles Beach recognizes the need to develop solutions for congestion along Collins Avenue as development continues to be built and to respond to the community’s desire for enhanced multimodal options to accommodate transportation needs. To preserve and enhance its high quality of life as the community continues to grow, the City set out to examine the existing and future conditions of its transportation system. This includes the roadway network, transit system, bicycling, and pedestrian facilities. The result of this effort, the Sunny Isles Beach Transportation Master Plan 2016, will serve as the blueprint by which the City can move forward together in creating a multimodal, safe, convenient and accessible transportation system.


Ultimately, the City’s goal is to ensure the preservation and enhancement of the high quality of life currently enjoyed by Sunny Isles Beach residents. Through discussion with residents of the City and other stakeholders, a vision of the City’s future emerged to serve as the guiding principle for the plan:

The Sunny Isles Beach of the future is a community with high mobility and accessibility to neighborhood amenities for its residents, a place where the movement of local and regional people and goods is provided by street, water, transit, pedestrian, and bicycle systems that are complete and fully integrated.

Sunny Isles Beach’s transportation will be designed to support and enhance the City’s Urban Village and Town Center vision and strategies by providing a transportation framework to maintain and enhance local quality of life in a vibrant, complete city.


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2016 Transportation Master Plan Cover