Office of the City Clerk

The Office of the City Clerk is a service department, assisting the Mayor and Commissioners, City staff, and residents with access to public records and general government inquiries. The Clerk serves as custodian of the City seal (affixing it to all papers and documents according to law), minutes, books, deeds, contracts, and archival records. The City Clerk administers the oath of office to city elected and appointed officials.

As secretary to the governing body, the Clerk assists in the preparation of the agenda, records the minutes of all Commission Meetings and preserves all documentation of the City Commission’s actions. Ordinances and resolutions enacted by City Commission are permanently archived by the City Clerk.

Serving as the Municipal Elections Coordinator, the City Clerk is responsible for conducting municipal elections within the city. The Clerk’s duties include public notices and distribution of election materials and supplies.

The Office of the City Clerk provides assistance with the following responsibilities:

  • Oversees and coordinates all municipal and special elections held by the City
  • Qualifies candidates who wish to run for office
  • Prepares agendas for City Commission Meetings
  • Reproduces full volume agenda sets one week prior to each meeting
  • Faxes copies of each City Commission Agenda and public notices to individuals and to civic and condominium associations for each meeting
  • Prepares and distributes summary minutes noting the action taken at each City Commission meeting, and committee meeting
  • Administers a citywide records management program for all official records in compliance with state law
  • Serves as the City’s Records Management Liaison Officer (RMLO) with the State of Florida Department
  • Coordinates compliance with Government in the Sunshine, the Public Records Law, and conflict of interest reporting
  • Responds to Public Records Requests, disseminating information to the public, city officials, department directors, other governments, and public agencies
  • Provides timely legal notice of all Public Hearings, Requests for Proposals, and Requests for Bids
  • Coordinates the codification and distribution of supplemental updates of the City Charter,  Code of Ordinances Online, and Land Development Code
  • Schedules Code Compliance Hearings and provides administrative assistance to Special Master
  • Serves as the Financial Disclosure Coordinator with the State of Florida Commission on Ethics
  • Executes, records and distributes Ordinances and Resolutions
  • Submits City Commission approved vacations, easements, deeds, liens, etc. for recording
  • Coordinates the Annual Financial Disclosure reporting on behalf of City Officials and executive staff, in addition to 25 members of two citizen advisory committees. The City Clerk also prepared letters of appointment or removal of committee members and maintained attendance records
  • Ensures compliance with the City’s Lobbyist Registration Ordinance, reviewing forms for disclosure and depositing registration fees
  • Presides over bid openings and provides summaries of the bid responses
  • Publishes and distributes public notices and legal advertisings as required by law
  • Prepares proclamations, greetings, congratulatory letters and certificates of appreciation