Group shot of Police Officers next to vehicles

Police Department

Notice: Please call 305.947.4440 to make an appointment if you wish to discuss your accident report or obtain a copy.

The City’s Police Department strives to create programs that reduce the need for police response while creating a safer, more secure environment. The department’s quick response time (less than two minutes) is one of its most effective tools in combating crime, saving lives in emergency medical situations, and capturing perpetrators.

Officers have access to emergency life-saving equipment such as A.E.D.’s (heart defibrillators) and Jet Ski body baskets attached for ocean rescue. Additionally, officers are detached to work with other agencies (Drug Enforcement Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation) to resolve problems and share in asset forfeitures, which in turn creates additional resources to benefit the City.

Officers patrol the City on motorcycles, Jet Skis, boats, ATV’s, bicycles, and in patrol cars. Special programs are offered throughout the year and include Red Ribbon Week, food drives, Toys for Tots, Kid Fest (including fingerprinting and ID program), the Police Officers Assistance Trust 5K Run, career day, and government day. Crime prevention programs are also offered including crime prevention and awareness, identity theft, vandalism, anti-robbery, hurricane preparedness, gun safety locks, vehicle identification, anti-theft “club” giveaways, and fraud and scam education.