Active Capital Projects

Active Capital Improvement Projects in Sunny Isles Beach

Photo: Utility Workers connecting underground pipes

Utility Line Undergrounding

Location: Collins Avenue Corridor, Other Areas

Description: City-wide undergrounding of FPL and other overhead utility lines and equipment, installation of decorative street lighting and the removal of utility poles. The undergrounding of overhead utility lines on FPL poles will minimize power outages due to extreme windstorm and hurricane conditions and improve the aesthetics of the City. Most of the existing poles and streetlights do not conform to the city’s streetscape plan.

Beach Sand Renourishment ProjectAerial view of the beach and Newport Fishing Pier

Location: Entire length of the beach in Sunny Isles Beach

Description: A beach sand renourishment project will take place in Sunny Isles Beach beginning May 2021 through November 2021. This federal project, led by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in partnership with Miami-Dade County, the City of Sunny Isles Beach and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, will place approximately 280,000 cubic yards of sand on the entire stretch of our beach.

Project Updates

Photo: Collins Avenue lit up by street lights and traffic lights at nighttime.

Collins Avenue Street Lighting Enhancement

Location: Collins Avenue – south of the William Lehman Causeway to the Residence Inn Marriott (17700 Collins Ave.)

Description: The Collins Avenue Street Lighting Enhancement Project includes upgrades and replacement of landscape and streetscape lighting features along Collins Avenue. This project includes replacing the existing lamp posts with decorative lamp posts as well as adding more to provide a symmetrical layout on the east and west sides of the avenue based on light patterns.

Golden Shores UndergroundingAerial view of Golden Shores Neighborhood

Location: Golden Shores Neighborhood

Description: The Golden Shores Undergrounding project began in August 2019 with the initial data gathering, or surveying, of the neighborhood. Crews are currently going to each address, locating property markers and capturing the existing conditions of any obstacles, poles, or lines. This stage will take place over the next 18 months. The Golden Shores undergrounding and street light work is projected to reach completion in 24 months once construction begins.

This project will bring repaved roads in the entire Golden Shores neighborhood, enhanced beautification and landscape in the community, new and improved decorative street lighting (the same as all new lights on Collins and other City roads), and an improved sidewalk that will extend the length of Atlantic Boulevard from 185 Street to 191 Street on the east side connecting to Collins Avenue at select street locations, which will aid pedestrian traffic. In addition, the project will also help reduce the number of power and utility outages, and increase safety by eliminating downed live distribution electrical wires during and after a storm or hurricane. The installation of new equipment is more resistant to the impacts of weather and will provide for quicker restoration should power and utility outages occur.

Project Updates

Golden Shores Pump StationGolden Shores pump station

Location: Golden Shores

Description: The design of the Golden Shores Pump Station has begun and is anticipated to be finalized by the end of the year in order to go out to bid for construction. Work is expected to commence by the end of 2019. We are systematically going through the drainage system citywide and making improvements to better prepare it for 10, 50, and even 100-year storm and flood events. These improvements include cleaning out and upgrading wells and pump stations, investigating storm drainage outflows into the bay while making improvements as needed.

Government Center Pedestrian BridgeGovernment Center pedestrian bridge rendering

Location: 180 Street and Collins Avenue

Description: In 2018 we commenced on the design of a pedestrian bridge that would connect the east side with the west side of Collins Avenue at the Government Center. Walking or biking from the north or south, this location is situated to offer the best crossing to get to our most frequented city services and county services offered including our school, park, library and government center. The conceptual design is complete and 2019 will see the design finalized after satisfying all of the various federal, state and local permitting agencies requirements and receiving approval from the City Commission.

174 Street Pedestrian Bridge174 Street overpass rendering

Location: 174 Street and Collins Avenue

Description: The Pedestrian Bridge at 174 Street is in the conceptual design phase with an open air/park concept that will be a wonderful addition to the City’s already flourishing park system. In 2018, we launched a planning study for a bridge at the intersection of 174 Street and Collins Avenue. This bridge will be the link between the community on the west side and Samson Oceanfront Park on the east side. The number of pedestrians that cross at this location with multi-lane turns and convergences make it a priority for enhancing pedestrian safety.