Parks staff sanitizing playground equipment

Adapting to Change While Protecting our Community

By George “Bud” Scholl, Mayor

(October 30, 2020) – From the offices in City Hall to the park technicians to the police and Code Compliance officers, our city staff has been particularly outstanding during the last eight months. Sometimes uncertainty can cause chaos, but here in Sunny Isles Beach, our city remained calm, adapted to the new changes, and continued to deliver excellent service to our residents.

Our police department remained vigilant keeping our residents safe around the clock. Knowing that you have a world class police force monitoring the city alleviates stress and bolsters your sense of security.

Our staff found alternative yet engaging ways to remain connected with the community while staying safe. With regularly scheduled recreation programs suspended, our Cultural and Community Services department identified creative ways to interact with residents via remote classes and events. They were even able to host a month of socially distanced Halloween activities in October. The Building department kept on track by scheduling virtual inspections, and our Public Works department ensured all public spaces were safe by sanitizing bus stops and frequently touched surfaces in City Hall.

The holiday season is right around the corner and, unfortunately, we must make some adjustments this year. The Thanksgiving table may not be as crowded with extended family members and friends, but the sentiment will remain present. And I encourage you to still let those you love, whether near or far, know you are thankful for them. We can continue to use technology to stay connected without physically gathering for the holidays.

I am also appreciative to our residents and businesses who have embraced the new normal by following City, County and State guidelines. I have been impressed by our residents who took action to help their neighbors by assisting with groceries and other errands. To you, I say thank you.

We must keep adhering to the health guidelines of wearing a mask in public, social distancing, and avoiding crowded areas. Through unity we can protect our community, our families and ourselves. I hope everyone enjoys the holiday while continuing to stay safe.