Bringing Culture & The Arts to Sunny Isles Beach

By George ‘Bud’ Scholl, Mayor

(June 2, 2016) – We are making a strategic and coordinated effort to make our community stronger through culture and the arts. To do this we are doing a considerable amount of research to determine how we can infuse culture into our community to provide maximum benefit to our residents and guests while improving the quality of life for all. Our quarterly publication, SIB Living magazine, contains an article in the most recent edition (also available on our website describing our Cultural Master Plan initiative.

We hired a consulting rm, AEA, who is an authority on best practices from communities around the world. They have been on a quest to understand the fabric of our community, the resources we have available and, most importantly, the makeup of our residents. AEA has assembled a survey that asks a series of questions similar to the US Census but more targeted to gain information specific to our community. The survey, available in English, Spanish,
and Russian, was mailed to every residential address and is also available online at The goals of the survey are to  1) gather opinions on current cultural programs, 2) understand the community’s appetite for expanded and/or new programs, 3) to map the City’s demographics in order to understand whose cultural programs currently serve and could serve in the future and 4) give every resident an opportunity to participate in an important and meaningful way in the Cultural Master Planning process.

The main point I want to emphasize is that your opinion matters! This is a very important process to tailor our various cultural activities and offerings to ensure we attract and serve as many residents as possible. Your feedback, by responding to the survey, takes the process to a level of true community involvement. With your assistance, this initiative will assure that we will continue to make our community stronger through culture and the arts for many years to come.