Community Spotlight: Charlotte & Julia Krass

For Charlotte and Julia Krass, 17-year-old high school students, giving back to their community has been a driving force from a young age. As active members of the Joshua’s Heart Foundation, Charlotte is the Junior Advisory Board head of marketing and Julia is the head of fundraising. Together, they helped raise over $25,000 for Joshua’s Heart to purchase a refrigerated van that will ensure sustainability in helping families in need across Miami-Dade County receive quality groceries. The twins have won service awards for their work and plan on continuing their mission to end hunger for years to come.

How did you first start volunteering with Joshua’s Heart Foundation?

Julia: We actually saw Joshua at an event when we were young. Seeing someone else so young working like this and volunteering, it started out as something more fun. Charlotte and I would go together, we would bring friends, we would just help out. And then from there, we went to the Junior Advisory Board.

Charlotte: When we were at an event and heard Joshua speak, it was just really inspiring to us. He told us his mission, and at a young age, it flipped a switch in our minds.

Julia: Joshua’s Heart truly is like a family and you can definitely see that with all of the kids working together.

What impact do you hope to have on Sunny Isles Beach and neighboring communities?

Julia: I think the impact we would like to make on Sunny Isles Beach and in the neighboring communities is definitely to get the word out and spread the message.

Charlotte: Our main message is to stomp out hunger. So, we’re really looking to have people not have to worry about what they want to eat next.

Tell us how you raised over $25,000 for the foundation to purchase a refrigerated van.

Charlotte: To raise the amount of money that we needed to purchase this truck; we started out spreading the word. I was posting on social media; I was selling clothes on my Instagram account. And then we also partnered up with a lady that makes bracelets for other service projects, so we made special Joshua’s Heart bracelets. But we also created letters and we sent them out to big corporations in Miami. We got a message back from Milam’s Supermarket which is a local supermarket right down the street. They sent us a really great check, which definitely helped us a lot.

What was your favorite service project you have completed and why?

Charlotte: When we were a lot younger in fifth grade, we started a service project called I Heart Art. So, during one of the Joshua’s Heart food drives, we gave out art supplies and it was just so exciting to see.

What would you say to other young leaders looking to get involved in their community?

Charlotte: To other young leaders, I would say to not give up. If you have a really big goal, you have to start out small. It might be frustrating at first when you can’t solve global hunger, just starting small definitely makes a difference.

Julia: You can start small, and it can still make a difference. You can build up from that. No matter where you are, what you’re doing, you can help out your community and make a difference.

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