Hengchun, Taiwan

Hengchun Township, the third Sunny Isles Beach Sister City, is an unspoiled peninsula located in the southernmost tip of Taiwan island. The name Hengchun means “Eternal Spring” originating from colorful orchids covering the southern island.

One of the best preserved archaeological sites is found in Hengchun Old Town. During the late 1800s, Japan invaded the beaches of Hengchun and the people built four giant stone gates and a stone wall to surround and protect the City. Parts of it still stand today, and are classified as a tier-two National Historic site and a must-see Taiwan tourist highlight.

Outside of Hengchun Old Town is the entrance to Kenting National Park. This tropical area is known for its clear blue waters and pristine beaches where the popular movie Life of Pi was filmed. Tourists and beach lovers enjoy 300 miles of bike trails, body surfing, snorkeling, and its National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium.

For information about Hengchun, contact Keith Lawrence at SunnyIslesFL@aol.com, visit the SIB Library to find Taiwan Beauty and Hengchun Impressions Tourist Guide Book by former Hengchun Mayor Yeh, or visit hengchuen.gov.tw.

Hengchun, Taiwan - Beach
Nearby Kenting National Park is home to pristine beaches.


Hengchun Taiwan, Old City Wall
Hengchun was once surrounded by a city wall; now about half of the wall remains intact, as well as the four city gates.


City of Sunny Isles Beach officials signed a Sister City agreement with delegates from Hengchun, Taiwan on Monday, June 17, 2013, in the City of Sunny Isles Beach Commission Chambers. Hengchun is the third Sister City to partner with Sunny Isles Beach.

Article on Hengchun’s visit to Sunny Isles Beach:  Sunny Isles Beach Adds Sister City in Hengchun, Taiwan.