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Mayor’s Technology Initiative

Mayor’s Technology Challenge aims to enhance the quality of life for Sunny Isles Beach residents.

In 2016, Mayor George “Bud” Scholl issued a challenge to City of Sunny Isles Beach employees. Named the “Mayor’s Technology Challenge,” the goal was to incorporate technology into city services that would make life easier and more productive for residents. IT Department staff brainstormed a variety of ideas. Over the past couple of years, many of these technology initiatives have been implemented. From smart benches to emergency notifications, Sunny Isles Beach has joined other forward-thinking “smart cities” in planning for the future and improving quality of life for its residents.

Below are just a few of the projects already implemented following the Mayor’s Technology Challenge.

Soofa Benches

Woman using a Soofa smart bench, looking at her phone.

Soofa smart benches utilize solar energy to provide a remote charging station for your portable phone or tablet. Benches have been placed in many of our city parks. Sunny Isles Beach is the first city in Florida to install these smart benches!


Electric Car Charging Station

Electric car charging station

The City of Sunny Isles Beach has installed a new Electric Car Charging Station in the parking lot of the Sunny Isles Beach Government Center. Residents & Visitors can now charge their electric cars using a SemaConnect card for $1/hour.

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SIBshuttle Mobile App

Search for and download SIBshuttle on Apple App Store or Google Play Store and start tracking

Download the free mobile app, SIBshuttle, to your smartphone or device. With this app, you can track the location and arrival of the SIBshuttle in real time! The app features a real-time map, a list of stop locations, and service updates.

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Free Wi-Fi on the Beach

Solar panel on top of lifeguard tower that provides free wi-fi on the beach

For years, Sunny Isles Beach has offered free Wi-Fi in our parks. The Information Technology Department has now added free wi-fi on our beach! Solar panels installed on the top of lifeguard towers offer an efficient energy source for free wi-fi along our coastline.


PaybyPhone Parking App

PaybyPhone Parking: Text message reminders, add time remotely, no cash needed, online receipts

PayByPhone lets you pay for parking in seconds. The app allows you to extend your parking session from anywhere and will even remind you when your parking session is about to expire! Parking with PayByPhone is convenient, easy and secure.

PayByPhone parking is now available in any Sunny Isles Beach municipal lot in which you have to pay for parking.

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Marian Towers Computer Lab

Marian Towers residents using computers donated by the City of Sunny Isles Beach.
The City of Sunny Isles Beach, in cooperation with the South Florida Digital Alliance (SFDA) and Marian Towers, completed work for a new Community Computer Center in Marian Towers. As a project to help seniors in Sunny Isles Beach, the City helped facilitate the installation of internet, computers and desks for residents to utilize.


Interactive Kiosks

Interactive Kiosk at Samson Oceanfront Park

In April 2018, the City unveiled the first of two kiosks to be installed in city parks. These 75″ touchscreen kiosks are loaded with helpful information including alerts and City contact information, an interactive City map, real-time community shuttle bus tracker, and detailed information regarding City parks, hotels, dining, shopping, attractions, and scheduled events in Sunny Isles Beach and around South Florida. You will find a kiosk at Samson Oceanfront Park and at Gateway Park.




SIBAlert enables citizens to receive emergency notices and warnings from the City. Based on location, we can ensure residents and visitors receive accurate and up-to-date information during critical incidents or emergencies. SIBAlert sends notifications via a collection of delivery methods including phone calls, SMS text messages, emails, and a mobile application.

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