Close up of condominium building

Condominium Reform: The Work Continues

By Dana Goldman, Vice Mayor

(Wednesday, October 10, 2018) – As a municipal official, I am sometimes asked to intervene in contentious condominium unit owner/board member disputes over corrupt activities. Condo corruption can range from kickbacks, financial fraud and crimes, election fraud, to conflicts of interest. It’s a deep-rooted problem because the very institutions protecting corrupt administrations either support the wrong or turn a blind eye. Our state and local governmental agencies should do better in assisting residents when faced with these pernicious problems.

Condo corruption in our cities in Miami-Dade County is well documented in the 2017 Grand Jury Report and served as a catalyst for the recent Florida Condominium Act legislative reforms. Elected officials throughout Miami-Dade County representing the Miami-Dade County League of Cities are also focused on eliminating condo corruption. In October, the League will explore condo corruption and the municipal response in a seminar.

The October seminar will focus on the resources cities can provide and how to best work with outside agencies in combatting and deterring condo corruption. State Senator Rene Garcia, chief architect of the Condominium Reform Act, the Miami-Dade County Police Department Bureau of Economic Crimes, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, attorneys and other officials will be on hand. It’s all part of my ongoing commitment to educate, advocate for and empower our condominium residents.

If you would like more information about the upcoming seminar or the next Condo Clinic, my email is and my direct phone number is 786.512.6364.