Aerial view of Sunny Isles Beach City and coastline.

Confronting Fraud & Corruption in our City’s Condominiums

(Wednesday, February 26, 2020) – Rising voices confronting condominium fraud and corruption practices reverberate in Tallahassee. State Senator Jason Pizzo, true champion of condominium unit owner rights, has introduced important new legislation to more effectively prosecute fraudulent and criminal acts under the Florida Condominium Act, Senate Bill SB 1752 (“SB 1752”). If adopted, SB 1752 will revise criminal penalties for kickbacks and the use of association debit cards, provide criminal penalties for certain violations relating to official association records and largely expand criminal penalties for fraudulent voting activities related to association elections. SB 1752 will also provide greater transparency by lowering the threshold for website posting requirements to 25 or more units (currently 150) and requiring associations to provide checklists and affidavits to official records requestors.

Kudos are also in order for our very own “Condo Cop,” Mitch Glansberg of the Sunny Isles Beach PD. His detective work culminated in the arrest and booking of a local condominium manager for their alleged use of an association’s debit card and transferring money into a personal account to support their gambling habits. Utilizing best practices to identify, prevent and protect against condo manager fraud will be the subject of an upcoming Condo Rights Workshop.

If you would like a copy of SB 1752 or to receive notice of future Condo Rights Workshops held throughout the City, my email is and my direct phone number is 786.512.6364. Our shared vision is the improvement of quality of life for our condo dwellers, in policy and practice.