Norman S. Edelcup Sunny Isles Beach K-8 School

Our First Day of School at Norman S. Edelcup K-8 School

By Dana Goldman, Commissioner

(Friday, September 30, 2016) Monday, August 22, 2016 was a very special day for me and my family. It’s a day that I will cherish forever. First day of school for my beautiful daughter at our city’s A-Rated Norman S. Edelcup/Sunny Isles Beach K-8 School. Bright and early we drove to school, arriving at 7:45 a.m. We were greeted by the City’s Police Department, who has coordinated a clear and orderly new traffic pattern for student drop-off.

We drove the perimeter of the school and then parked at Government Center, walking hand-in-hand to her classroom. School administrators were all hands-on, greeting families and coordinating flow. Hallways, classrooms and courtyard – spotlessly clean, shiny, immaculate. I escorted her into her new classroom. Scores of children handed floral bouquets to her teacher. My daughter’s first day of school could not have been more organized, orderly or efficient. Impressive!
It’s the start of a new year and the place of our future generations, new friends and familiar faces, new beginnings and new experiences. My hopes and aspirations are now my daughter’s. NSE/SIB K-8 School represents our City at its finest. The school is without doubt the single most transformative event in our City’s history. With great vision and foresight, our City’s leadership paved the way and transformed a motel-tourist destination into a greater community of quality and purpose. Welcome back to school, students and families. Let’s make it a great year. Now the homework begins.