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Golden Shores Utility Undergrounding & Street Lighting Enhancement Project

Project Update, April 23, 2024: Speed hump installation will commence in the Golden Shores neighborhood on Wednesday, April 24 and continue through the end of the week.

While minor inconveniences may be expected, no streets will be completely closed or blocked. One lane will be worked on at a time.

Construction to begin April 8, 2024: Breezeline will be relocating its existing overhead facilities to be placed underground. Areas affected are 185th St – 191st Terr & N Bay Rd – Atlantic Blvd, Subdivision of Golden Shores for the next several months. The project is necessary to remove existing overhead facilities and will be performed by an authorized contractor with identified vehicles and construction equipment. Please be prepared for active construction that will require marked off areas and potential re-routes.

Project Update, February 8, 2024: The next phase of the Utility Undergrounding Project will be starting within the next two weeks.

Crews from the respective utility providers, FPL, AT&T, and Breezeline will begin installing cabling, above ground equipment such as transformers, switch gear, service pedestals and cabinets, all of which are located in the right-of-way.

No physical work will occur on private property during this stage of work. Representatives of the City and the respective utility company may be on private property to inspect existing connections, however NO disruption to service will be experienced.

There remains areas of asphalt, signage and sidewalk installation within the community. These activities are independent of the utility work and advance notice will be provided prior to commencement.

Paving Work to Commence in Golden Shores on September 18, 2023

Access to driveways may be impacted for short periods. Please see below for important details.

Commencing Monday September 18, weather permitting, asphalt paving will begin in the Golden Shores neighborhood for all of the streets disturbed by the undergounding project. The schedule prepared by the contractor is included below for your information. While work is taking place on your street, access to driveways may be impacted. We ask that you share available parking with neighbors while their individual driveway is temporarily blocked.

One way traffic will be enforced during the installation process. Only one lane of the street will be paved at at time allowing limited private traffic along the impacted street. All traffic will proceed east to west on the numbered street being milled, repaired, tacked and paved. Please be prepared for congestion and delays especially at intersections and in the presence of equipment.

Residents who have questions about this portion of the project can reach out to us at or

There are essentially four (4) steps in the process:

Milling – the removal of approximately 1 1/2″ of existing asphalt and follow up repair of any deteriorated areas uncovered by the removal process. The streets can be driven on once the milling is accomplished please BE AWARE OF EDGES  driveways, intersecting streets, manhole covers, and valve boxes which will protrude from the milled surface. Please drive with renewed caution.

Adjustment of Manhole covers and Boxes – To assure a level driving surface, any utility access covers which require adjustment will follow the milling process. Be aware of work crews in these isolated areas.

Tack coat application – Immediately preceding the placement of asphalt, a liquid emulsion will be applied to the milled surface, DO NOT DRIVE on this surface.

Asphalt Placement – The physical placement of asphalt will follow the tack coat, this is a combination of machine and hand distribution of the uncured material. Large trucks, asphalt application apparatus, rollers and personnel will be in the streets during this operation. Police details and flaggers will be onsite to assist with the flow and stoppage of traffic. Once the asphalt is rolled it can be driven on. Please follow directions from the safety crews.

There will be intermittent inconveniences regarding access to individual residences. Please share available parking with neighbors while their individual driveway is blocked. Interruptions will be held to the absolute minimum to ensure a satisfactory project. Additional information and direction will be forwarded once activities begin on North Bay Road and Atlantic.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we bring this important phase of the project to its completion.

Please be aware that significant rain fall my have an impact on the below schedule.

Table showing work activity dates for golden shores

Project Update, August 21, 2023: As work continues on the Golden Shores Undergrounding Project, the contractor will be performing safe trenching work on 189 Street beginning Tuesday, August 22, 2023, for approximately 1-3 days.

This work will require the closure of one westbound lane on 189 Street. The Golden Shores neighborhood will not be accessible via 189 Street during this time. Detour signs will be posted advising residents to use 185 and 186 Street.

Scheduled work is dependent on the weather.

Project Update, May 10, 2023: A new activity has commenced in the Golden Shores neighborhood related to the upgrading of the stormwater system.

Crews will be operating along 189 Street from Atlantic Avenue to mid-block on 189 Street for the next three weeks and at the intersections of 185 Street and North Bay Road and Atlantic Avenue. Due to the complexity of the work, intermittent street closures will be necessary while the excavation and pipe installation is in progress.  The equipment required for this work is larger and more cumbersome than that utilized during the Utility Undergrounding Project.

Residents are cautioned to be alert and avoid the work area. Residents will have access to their properties at all times, however, patience may be required while the crews temporarily move the construction equipment.

Project Update, March 29, 2023: The Golden Shores Undergrounding Project continues to make substantial progress. Mainline conduit trenches along with the placement of equipment foundations and wiring pull boxes are complete from 191 Terrace to 188th Street and Atlantic Boulevard to North Bay Drive, comprising over 78% of the project.

Installation of final service connections to individual residences is complete with all final conduit runs installed. The next phase will be the conduit hookup to the residential meters, commencing over the next few weeks. No access to interior of residences will be required. Three day notice will be afforded each home prior to any work commencing on the individual property. Activities will commence at the north end of the neighborhood similar to the initial undergrounding installation. This phase involves the installation of surface attached conduit to the face of the building connecting to the recently placed underground conduit and the existing meter. Final electrical wiring connection will happen in the future. No anticipated date is currently scheduled for that final phase of work.

Design plans have been prepared for the Urban Trail and further refinement of the pedestrian sidewalks continue. The Urban Trail is expected to begin within the next couple of months.

Residents are reminded to use due diligence regarding safety precautions in and around the construction work site and to please follow caution warning and street closure signage.

Project Update, November 16, 2022: The Golden Shores Undergrounding Project continues to make substantial progress. Mainline conduit trenches along with placement of equipment foundations and wiring pull boxes are complete from 191 Terrace to 189 Terrace and Atlantic Blvd to North Bay Drive, comprising over 52% of the project. The installation of final service connections to individual residences is nearing completion with over 85% of final conduit runs installed.

The City Commission has approved additional work to be included in the project – improvements to the storm drainage system within the neighborhood. This work will commence shortly after January 1.

In consideration for the upcoming holiday period, no construction activities will take place on November 24 and 25, and from December 23 through January 3, 2023.

Project Update, July 7, 2022: The Golden Shores Undergrounding Project has not been immune from the worldwide supply chain delays; conduit and concrete equipment bases were finally received in the third week of March. Actual trench excavation and conduit placement commenced on March 29 east of Atlantic Boulevard on 191 Street. Activities then continued moving west along 191 Terrace to North Bay Road, followed by the initial placement of conduit on 191 Street, which will continue to the east.

As previously encountered on the utility conversion project along Collins Avenue, unforeseen utilities and asphalt paving thicknesses exceeding eleven inches in depth have challenged the progress of the project. The installation schedule remains as originally contemplated with completion anticipated for early fall 2023.

Please use extra caution when driving and walking in the construction areas and be mindful of reduced speed limits and potential trip hazards.

Project Update, February 18, 2022: Starting the week of 2/21/22, residents of Golden Shores will see some minor work beginning on the Utility Undergrounding Project. The contractor will begin preliminary saw cuts in the roadway. Although materials on order have not yet arrived, this preliminary work will expedite the process once all materials are delivered and work can fully begin. Work will begin at 191 Terrace and move south. Please use caution around the work zones.

Project Update, December 17, 2021: The Golden Shores Streetlighting project was recently completed in October 2021. The installation of 130 new streetlights marks a milestone in the Golden Shores Utility Undergrounding project. The City Commission approved the contract for the construction of the Golden Shores Utility Undergrounding Project at the December 2021 Regular City Commission Meeting. Work is anticipated to start in early 2022.

About this Project

The Golden Shores Utility Undergrounding and Street Lighting Enhancement project will bring repaved roads to the entire Golden Shores neighborhood, enhanced beautification and landscape, new and improved decorative street lighting and an improved sidewalk that will extend the length of Atlantic Boulevard from 185 to 191 Street on the east side connecting to Collins Avenue at select street locations, which will aid pedestrian traffic. In addition, the project will also help reduce the number of power and utility outages, and increase safety by eliminating downed live distribution electrical wires during and after a storm or hurricane. The installation of new equipment is more resistant to the impacts of weather and will provide for quicker restoration should power and utility outages occur.

We encourage all Golden Shores residents to sign up for notifications regarding the status and progress of this extensive and ongoing project.

For more information or if you have any questions regarding the Golden Shores Utility Undergrounding Project, please call 305.792.1701 or email

To report utility outages, contact the Public Works Department at 305.792.1711.