Honoring Former Commissioner Gerry Goodman

By George “Bud” Scholl, Mayor

(Thursday, June 28, 2018) – Last month we received the sad news that on May 30, 2018, our friend and colleague, former City Commissioner, Gerald “Gerry” Goodman passed away.

My fondest memories of Gerry go back to my earliest days over 10 years ago when we were serving on the City Commission together. One night, late into commission meeting, we had voted on a contentious issue that garnered a fair amount of debate, but ultimately was voted against my viewpoint. After the meeting, it was clear that I was frustrated for not having advanced my position successfully. Gerry pulled me aside and mentored me with the words “It’s politics nor personal, you won’t always win!” That lesson has stayed with me ever since.

Gerry and I were typically on opposite sides of the political candidates we supported and, at times, issues within the City. But we always maintained a deep and caring friendship that transcended our ideological differences. This is a testament to Gerry’s nature as a kind, courteous and honorable man. Gerry never gave up advocating for the issues that he believed in, but always did so with respect whether serving on the Commission or after he had completed his service in office.

A few months back I was reminded how deeply he cared for his family and his service to the various communities he has lived in. Gerry asked me to come by his apartment to discuss a City issue that had been troubling him. When I arrived, he took me on a tour of memorabilia that had been placed throughout his home. Pictures of his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were front and center throughout, and there were numerous mementos from his many years of public service locally and from Brooklyn, New York where he had served on the district school board.

When he finished providing me the tour and we sat down to discuss the matter at hand, he simply remarked, “This is my life.” It was an honor to get a personal guided tour of Gerry’s life just months before his passing. I know I speak for our community in thanking Gerry for his service. May he rest in peace.