COVID-19 vaccines

The Importance of Getting Vaccinated Against COVID-19

By George “Bud” Scholl, Mayor

(Friday, February 26, 2021) – March marks one year since COVID-19 was first introduced into our lives in Sunny Isles Beach. A year of challenges, the like we have never seen before. The good news is that the COVID-19 vaccine has proven effective to protect you from getting sick with COVID-19.

Currently in South Florida, the vaccine is being distributed to seniors ages 65 and older and healthcare personnel. Though there have been obstacles with the distribution as demand is exceeding supply, there are many options to receive the vaccine in our area. Several health systems offer vaccination appointments as do Walmart, Sam’s Club, Navarro pharmacy, and now Publix beginning March 1. You can also pre- register for the vaccine with the County and State if you are eligible. Miami-Dade County’s pre-registration system offers registration online or by calling 305.614.2014. The State of Florida offers pre-registration online or by calling 888.499.0840.

Many residents have asked for a vaccination site in Sunny Isles Beach. We are being proactive in pursuing different options to have the ability to distribute vaccines here in the City. Working with the State, Department of Health and several other organizations, we are optimistic that in the near future, we can bring a vaccination site to Sunny Isles Beach. In the meantime, we have been assisting eligible residents with accessibility and transportation to vaccination appointments at sites outside of the City.

The vaccine is considered the best opportunity for ending the pandemic. I know there has been confusion, questions and misinformation circling about the vaccine. We debunk myths and provide in-depth information about the COVID-19 vaccine on page 6. And if you missed our conversation about the vaccine with Dr. Carrasquillo, Chief of the Division of General Internal Medicine at the University of Miami, you can view the whole video on our YouTube channel.

It has been shown that COVID-19 can have serious, life- threatening and lasting complications; and if you get sick, you could spread the illness to family, friends, coworkers or others around you. Getting vaccinated is a vital step to protecting yourself, your family, and our community from COVID-19. The vaccine will work with your immune system so you are able to fight the virus if exposed. It is also essential to continue wearing masks and social distancing if we want the best chance at protection from COVID-19. In order to stop the pandemic, we must use all the tools at our disposal.

Whether you have already received the vaccine or are still waiting, it is important to stay informed. I encourage our residents to frequently check Miami-Dade County’s website for the latest vaccine and COVID-19 updates for our county. As always, we will continue to distribute the most up-to- date vaccination information via email, social media and our website,

Contact Mayor George “Bud” Scholl at or 305.792.1751.