Irma Speak & the Power of Social Media

By Dana Goldman, Vice Mayor

(Sunday, October 1, 2017) – Before I was elected, I chaired the City Advisory Committee (CAC) and envisioned the growth of social media. We proposed the use of social media platforms—Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, to improve outreach with our residents. The Commission agreed with the CAC’s recommendation. Fast forward to today where social media is nothing short of ubiquitous. At the time, we could not have fully grasped the sheer power of social media.

With Hurricane Irma, our City’s social media platforms went into overdrive, both internally with our City staff and Police, and externally where we were able to disseminate important real time updates, including access and power issues, school and retail openings, emergency contacts and clean-up information, beach restoration and food distribution. Social media during Irma was for so many of our residents the only means of communication and interaction.

The instantaneous outreach on social media means greater transparency and connectivity within our community. The City has 3,292 followers on Facebook, 2,283 on Twitter, 1,800 on Instagram and our numbers grow daily. In addition, our Police, School PTSA and Commissioners have social media platforms to better reach all segments of our population. It is being utilized in a way that is simply transformative. Follow the City on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @CityofSIB. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook @danagoldmansib.