On the Latest Election Cycle

By George “Bud” Scholl, Mayor

(Monday, December 5, 2016)This year has brought us quite an election season. Between city, county, state and national races, we have all experienced the full process of our democracy unlike we have seen for many years. What I find most interesting is what whether you are running for President of the United States or Commissioner of Sunny Isles Beach, the process is largely the same, it is simply a matter of scale. Running in a national race takes a vast amount of resources and a considerable amount of time and planning. However, running in a City race also takes resources, time and planning.

Our Mayor and Commission seats operate under a City Charter provision that mandates staggered terms. Staggered terms ensure that an entire Commission would not be replaced at one time. Given that we have four year terms, two Commission seats are on the presidential term election cycle and the Mayor and other two Commission seats are on the gubernatorial term election cycle. This election cycle we had the Commission seats from the south area and north area of the City up for election. We had a field of candidates that all ran very strong races. I can tell you from experience it is not easy running for public office. It takes a strong message, strong commitment and thick skin to work through the campaign process and ultimately win on Election Day. However, this democratic process is the foundation of our country and way of life. Even City races require a solid set of skills to communicate your vision and conviction to earn the votes which will provide you with the privilege to serve in public office.

I am looking forward to working with the winners of the two Commission seats from this election cycle. Dana Goldman was re-elected coming from the excellent performance of her first two years in office. Larisa Svechin is newly elected and brings strong community involvement and experience to her new position. She replaces Jennifer Levin who served our City for the past four years. We wish Jennifer all the best and thank her for her service to our community.