Mayor’s Technology Challenge: SIB Shuttle App for Smart Phones

By George “Bud” Scholl, Mayor

(Saturday, October 1, 2016) – Previously, I wrote to you about the advancements made as a result of a program named the Mayor’s Technology Challenge. Designed to make our City more user friendly through the application of technology, I am pleased to report that our IT Department continues to fulfill the goals established by the Challenge. In June, we launched the SIBshuttle mobile app. This convenient app allows shuttle riders the ability to track the shuttle arrivals to their specific stop. Available in three languages, English, Russian and Spanish, simply load the app onto your mobile device, select your language and you are ready to find out all you need to know regarding your shuttle travels.

Although the app is most convenient, it is not for everyone. So in furthering our goal of being user friendly, this technology also has an automated phone application. You can simply call 305-741-0907, enter the information as it prompts you; language; route name, either orange or blue, stop number, posted at the stop and also on the web or app; and the direction you wish to travel, north or south.

If using the app or the automated phone application is still not good for you, web tracking the SIBshuttle is also an option through the website, It works similar to the mobile app and is frequently used by our customer service representatives to provide up-to-the-minute information to our customers. You too can conveniently check the status of your planned trip before leaving your home. Be sure to mark it as a “favorite” in your browser for easy access.

This new technology also assists the city in providing better service. It gives staff the ability to evaluate the service and amend it based on actual usage data. They can quantify which stops are used more frequently and at what times of day, thus allowing them to plan routes based on reliable data. Ultimately this benefits all of our residents as we can potentially be more efficient and effective in providing this much needed service.

Try one of the three options to know instantly and accurately when the shuttle bus is coming to you stop. SIBshuttle is one way our staff is utilizing technology to improve our collective quality of life in Sunny Isles Beach.