Newly built structure that may soon house a community center at Gateway Park.

A New Home for Our Senior Community Center in Gateway Park

By Dana Goldman, Vice-Mayor

(Tuesday, December 26, 2017) – From my first day on the City Commission, I strongly advocated for a Senior Community Center in Sunny Isles Beach. We can all agree that a Senior Center will enhance the quality of life for our senior citizens by offering additional social and educational options.

The City intended to construct the Senior Center in the proposed Government Center expansion; however, this plan is on hold due to unresolved issues regarding school overcrowding. During a recent City Commission workshop, I asked my colleagues to consider an alternative home for the much needed Senior Center. Our seniors have waited too long and the City Commission is keeping its promise by looking at locations for the Center.

The City Manager and I toured community centers with senior and active adult components in neighboring municipalities. We then explored both Gateway Park and the City-owned sales center located on 158th Street and Collins Avenue. The Commission voiced a preference for Gateway Park, with its existing 16,000 square feet of interior space and more than 300 parking spaces. Because the Gateway building is already constructed, we can fast-track the interior remodeling and anticipate a full build-out in about a year.

We will now have a new home for the Senior Center in Gateway Park and I want to thank former Commissioner Roslyn Brezin for her continued advocacy! For more information, please feel free to contact me at 305.792.1700 or