People using the interactive kiosk at Samson Park.

New Interactive Kiosk at Samson Oceanfront Park

By George “Bud” Scholl, Mayor

(Thursday, March 22, 2018) – Interactive kiosks can be found in many places in modern society. ATMs, building directories, health care check-in, movie ticketing and elevators are all examples of modern kiosks that have been integrated into our daily lives. A few weeks ago, our first outdoor Interactive Kiosk was installed in Samson Oceanfront Park. This technological marvel has a 75-inch interactive smart touch screen with more than 30 sensors. It contains a Wi-Fi hotspot, cell phone charging station, and is ADA compliant. We all know that even the best devices need great content. A computer without software or a TV without programs are not very useful!

Our kiosk has been loaded with helpful information that we will continue to update on a regular basis. It enables us to provide users with City contact information and alerts when needed. It has an interactive City map with information about our parks. hotels, dining, shopping and attractions. Real-time information is provided about scheduled events in Sunny Isles Beach and around South Florida. When in the park if you have an urge to play a game, our kiosk will keep you entertained as it also has games available. There is even a selfie feature which allows park goers to save and share memories.

With all these great features I encourage everyone to stop by Samson Oceanfront Park have your own interaction with our new kiosk. If you can’t make it to Samson Park, the next Interactive Kiosk is slated to be installed at Gateway Park this April.