Doctor puts on bandaid after administering a vaccine to a patient

Our Best Shot Starts With the Vaccine

By George “Bud” Scholl, Mayor

(Monday, May 3, 2021) – The coronavirus remains a threat to our community, however the vaccine is promising a turn of events as we move toward the summer season. Though we are far from out of the woods yet, as bad as we may think we have it here, the rest of the world is still in a very difficult state. Agree or disagree, we’ve had an extraordinary experience in Florida because, since reopening, we have been able to have some semblance of normality at this stage of the virus.

We are fortunate that Florida was one of the first states to reopen completely in 2020 and has since remained open without a great surge to our case rate or death rate. Though our local economy took a devastating hit due to the lockdown and restrictions on businesses, we have been able to bounce back quicker than other areas in the country that are still locked down or have restrictions. Unlike many other places that had to revert back to stricter restrictions, once we reopened, we continued to loosen the restrictions instead of returning to a more locked down state. This speaks volumes to our community working together for the success and safety of all.

Our best shot at beating this virus starts with the vaccine. If you have not scheduled an appointment to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, I would encourage everyone to get vaccinated. The fact is that tens of millions of people have been vaccinated in the country and it has been proven to be safe and efficacious. I believe that a fully vaccinated community will only keep improving our local situation.

Despite our state’s minimal restrictions and the increased number of individuals vaccinated, we all must still follow the appropriate safety guidelines to help stop the spread of COVID-19. If we keep wearing our masks, social distancing and encouraging our family and friends to get the vaccine, we will be on our way to returning to our normal life in the near future.

I always say that we are incredibly privileged to live in Sunny Isles Beach and Florida. The fact is that as a region, we are doing extremely well. I want to thank our residents and businesses for your continued cooperation. Your patience and compliance have been the driving factors for our successful reopening. Because everyone did their part, we were able to reopen and stay open. I know a lot of the decisions were controversial at the time, but we are now reaping the benefits of our state’s reopening and looking toward a bright future ahead.

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