Police Chief Fred Maas and newly sworn-in Police Chief Dwight Snyder.

SIB Police Department Begins a New Era

By George “Bud” Scholl, Mayor

(Friday, July 27, 2018) – Last month, our Chief of Police, Fred Maas, retired after 43 years of dedicated service in law enforcement, 20 years with us in the City of Sunny Isles Beach.

It was not always easy and it was not always fun, but Chief Maas helped build the Sunny Isles Beach Police Department from the ground up. He was a crucial factor in the success and development of the agency. Arriving to Sunny Isles Beach in 1998 as a Captain, Maas proved his worth and was promoted to Chief one year later in 1999.

Long before I was elected to the City Commission, my family and I experienced law enforcement under the County police department and then under the City police department. There was an immediate difference in the quality and responsiveness of the new City department under Chief Maas. He came to us with a deep understanding of true community policing and infused this into the department that is the pride of our community today. He has been not only an outstanding Chief, but also a kind, charismatic, and compassionate human being who pushes us all to be better.

He even has an award named in his honor, “The Fred Maas Law Enforcement Leadership Award.” This award honors those who lead, inspire, and make a difference in the lives of those they serve. These are all qualities Chief Maas exemplifies.

Though we are losing our longtime colleague, we are gaining an excellent new Police Chief, Dwight Snyder. Chief Snyder was among one of the first hires in the SIB Police Department, starting as a police officer on July 20, 1998. Throughout the last 20 years keeping our City safe, Snyder attended the prestigious FBI National Academy and won a collection of local and regional awards.

Chief Snyder demonstrates the key qualities that epitomize law enforcement: integrity, bravery, experience, and dedication. I look forward to seeing his impact on the department and the City.

As we move into a new era for the SIB Police Department, I think I speak for the entire City when I say thank you, Chief Maas, for your service. Sunny Isles Beach is a safer community for all because of you.